MCC exchange dividend rules announcement

Respected members of the MCC community:

Hello everyone! The MCC exchange officially opened the mine at 20 pm September 6, 2018. The specific dividend rules are as follows:

MCC as a transparent, public-supervised exchange, the platform will be revenue fees (such as commission income including BTC, ETH, LTC, MCC, etc.), in a one-minute cycle, the system will automatically sell bills, converted into USDT to hold the proportion of MCC (circulation) issued.

Income distribution takes one hour as a distribution cycle, and every two hours thereafter, all the accumulated income to be distributed will be distributed proportionally to the MCC holders at one time.

Bonus rules:

1, bonus mechanism is MCC holder's rights and interests, only MCC holders can get dividends.

2, every two hours for a dividend cycle, the platform will pay dividends according to the cycle.

3, the hourly snapshot should be paid once every two hours.

Only the circulated MCC party can participate in dividends, and the unlocked part is not involved.


Per million MCC dividends = (platform total revenue 50%/MCC total flux) 1000000

Miners dividend income =MCC Holdings /MCC total circulation platform revenue 50%

Supplementary explanation:

1, do not enjoy dividends when trading MCC on MCC exchanges.

2, investors become C2C trading merchants, mortgage MCC does not enjoy dividends.

MCC as a new generation of community consensus autonomous trading platform, will be firmly committed to the public chain and exchange green ecological model to continue to do! At the same time, we still have many shortcomings to optimize, we accept the supervision and guidance of all users, thank you for your understanding and support of MCC!

MCC community


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