MCC Exchange's announcement on the destruction of 4.5 billion tokens

Dear MCC community members:
Hello everyone! At the request of the MCC Community Autonomous Committee, the MCC project party made a difficult decision. The MCC exchange had destroyed 4.5 billion on the main chain at 15:03 on August 7, 2020, Singapore time, and only retained 500 million.
Destroy the link:
At the request of the Autonomous Committee, MCC Exchange now announces the relevant matters as follows:
1. The MCC public chain is 500 million Tokens. The current distribution ratio is 392 million frozen coins by the original shareholders of MCC, 52 million in the mining pool, 15 million in official repurchase of MCC, and 30 million in circulation on the MCC main chain.
2. The MCC public chain is currently cooperating with PinTuiTui Mall to issue PTB (PTB) through the MCC public chain to support the transfer of millions of users.
3. Transferring funds on the MCC public chain requires 0.1 MCC to pay for miners, and issuing side chains requires payment of 1,000 MCC. The miners of the public chain will annihilate 10% of the mining circulation every time, and it is estimated that 99.49% of the entire network will be annihilated, and 21 million pieces will eventually remain.
4. The MCC exchange APP is about to be upgraded, and it will cooperate with the three top exchanges to support the trading depth and market conditions of the mainstream currencies of the top exchanges, and plans to launch blockchain ETF funds.
As a new generation of community consensus autonomous trading platform, MCC will unswervingly continue to implement the public chain and exchange green ecological model! At the same time, we still have many shortcomings to be optimized. We accept the supervision and guidance of all users. Thank you for your understanding and support of MCC!

                     MCC Community Autonomy Committee
                     August 12, 2020
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