Announcement of MCC Exchange on CS Token

Dear MCC community members:
Hello everyone! The MCC Exchange has been trading on the GEM listing on June 28, 2019, Singapore time. At the request of the project party, the relevant matters are now announced as follows:
1、Platform token
Mainstream code Limited, a famous venture capital firm of the Virgin Islands (BVI), focusing on the venture capital institutions in the blockchain industry, is committed to mining the best quality early projects and has invested in more than 50 blockchain projects. It is developed and operated as the DAPP traffic portal.
The coin storage issues token CS with a total of 2.1 billion passes. The specific allocation ratio is as follows:
AI Quantitative Transaction Arbitrage (POS Mining) is 30%: 630 million, which is used to maintain the principal and interest of customers' money, and is released on a daily basis in accordance with the Bancor Agreement.
Ecological construction is 30%: 630 million, which is currently frozen. For CS Token's other ecological construction and business plans; specific business plan cooperation rules and other matters are publicized on the website.
Market promotion 15%: 315 million, for marketing and other related costs.
The founding team is 10%: 210 million, and the token will be locked in for one year. A year later, the ban will be lifted, and 5% of the holdings of the ban will be lifted every year.
Foundation 10%: 210 million, used for CS Token's basic research and development and operation promotion, is currently frozen, if launched in the future, publicized on the website.
Community development is 5%: 105 million, which is allocated to early community users and users who will make important contributions to the community in the future. At present, it is frozen. If it starts later, it will be published on the website.
2、 Ecological construction
CSToken development language: Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, Korean, etc., is a decentralized wallet with social attributes. With community and dialogue functions, community members increase red envelopes, transfer functions (coins), etc. Red packets and transfers do not need to pay fees, seconds.
CSToken will support the digital assets of the Bitcoin series, Ethereum series, EOS series, YiQu series, MCC series, so that users can manage assets of different value networks at the same time.
CSToken supports online communities and instant messaging to create an online social platform for digital assets. At the same time, the currency also aggregates and pushes information on the mainstream currency media, using big data and artificial intelligence to model the topics of interest to users, accurately pushing the information of users' attention in real time, and reducing the load of user information; the coin wallet also docks with mainstream transactions. The real-time market, providing market analysis function, users only need an APP to grasp the real-time price and trend of different digital assets on different platforms.
3、Token agreement
CS Token supports token issuers to issue smart tokens using the Bancor protocol.
Strategic partners are continuously updated.
IBM Capital Corporation was founded in 2016, headquartered in New York, USA. It is regulated by the National Futures Association (NFA), one of the three major regulatory centers in the world. It is a professional fund management company and asset management company with global diversification. As one of the fastest growing companies in the United States, IBM Capital Corporation has become a leading financial service company in the United States, providing unique products in securities brokerage, wealth management, venture capital, private equity, trust and other fields, as well as providing investment-initiated loans to provide financing services for customers. IBM Capital Corporation has long been committed to providing cutting-edge services and businesses with financial technological innovation as the core.

DUKASCOPY was founded in 1998 by a physicist led by Dr. Andre Duka, whose mission is to develop complex financial systems through the development of new mathematical and economic physical technologies. At present, it is one of the largest banks and foreign exchange brokers in the world, and a member of FINMA. Ducasbe has many top financial qualifications, licences and technologies, such as Swiss bank licences, financial payment licences and so on. Provide professional banking-related financial data and services for the global financial industry. Ducasbe currently provides IBM with professional bank foreign exchange quotations and relevant data.

Bancor is a well-known global decentralized liquidity trading network. Provide intelligent automatic price calculation, global price network and other technologies, provide users with the use of Web wallets and hold any token and can be freely converted to other token fast trading services, while providing technical support for users to issue their own block chains. Bancor has the characteristics of no rival risk, continuous mobile service, forecasting price trend, backward compatibility and so on. In 2017, Bancor completed the largest ICO in three hours, with an industry record of $153 million.

FINANCE ADMINISTRATOR is committed to providing comprehensive financial services, focusing on order execution services for various asset management, independent funds and electronic transactions (from junior to senior level) to benefit traders around the world. Its licence is: US NFA license (registration number: 0510609)
4. Official website:
As a new generation of community consensus autonomy trading platform, MCC will unswervingly continue to carry out the green ecological model of the public chain and the exchange! At the same time, we still have a lot of deficiencies to optimize, we accept the supervision and guidance of all users, thank you for your understanding and support of MCC!

                          MCC community
                       June 28, 2019

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