Announcement of MCC Exchange on the issuance of Frederick's painting and calligraphy to candy for co

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Dear MCC community members:
Hello everyone! The MCC Exchange has already recorded the number of circulating MCCs held by members at 12:00 am on March 1, 2019, Singapore. Frederick Paintings and Calligraphy ( is scheduled to be put into trial operation on March 4, 2019 (Lunar New Year 28) At the request of the project party, the relevant matters are now publicized as follows:
1. Members holding 1000-2999 MCCs receive 58 Frederick painting and calligraphy certificates; 3000-9999, they can get 3% of Frederick painting and calligraphy certificates; for those above 10,000, they receive 5% of Frederic paintings and calligraphy. Pass.
2. According to the above requirements, MCC Exchange screened out customers who met the above criteria, and sent a total of FRD candy to nearly 3 million.
3. After the MCC member who has given the candy to the Frederick Painting and Calligraphy ( has completed the registration and real-name certification, the project party will register the relevant information, and the Frederick project party will transfer the internal transfer to the customer according to the results announced by the MCC Exchange. Freeze the Frederick Pass, because it involves the privacy of the customer, please ask the MCC member to provide the MCC account name and other relevant information when registering, and the two can be given together.
4. MCC customers click on the inquiry ( and enter the MCC exchange member number (ID) to inquire. The candy registration redemption time is until 12 o'clock on March 10, 2019, Singapore time. Whole, expired customers who do not pay will automatically expire.
5. The Frederick project promised to hold the frozen pass and not participate in the thawing. The first batch of candy 300W, which only gave MCC customers, participated in the project and thawed. The thawing ratio is 2:1, that is, the miner mines 2 and the project side unfreezes one.
6. After all the 300Ws held by the MCC members are fully thawed, the Frederick Pass will log on to the MCC Exchange GEM and start trading at 0.3 PPT/piece.
7. Members can hold the FRD certificate in the Frederick painting and calligraphy, and can participate in the dividend PPT; if the money is transferred to the MCC exchange, wallet and other application scenarios, they will not be able to enjoy the dividends of Fred.
8, taking into account the last time 363 mall candy process familiar, specially commissioned 363 mall customer service. Tel: 0633-2211816, hotline QQ: 2564726258. Consultation: If the customer service is unattended or inconvenient to reply, please reserve the MCC ID number and registration name (or registration email), Fred's membership number and name (or mobile phone number), and the customer service staff will verify it at the latest. The account will be issued the next day. If the reported information is incorrect, it will be sent back to the QQ message (the phone message is incorrect, please check again on the second day, the customer service will not make a phone call back)
As a new generation of community consensus autonomy trading platform, MCC will unswervingly continue to carry out the green ecological model of the public chain and the exchange! At the same time, we still have a lot of deficiencies to optimize, we accept the supervision and guidance of all users, thank you for your understanding and support of MCC!

                         MCC community
                      March 2, 2019

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