MCC Exchange Notice on the Official Opening of PPT Dividend

Distinguished MCC community members:
Hello everyone! According to the results of the previous MCC community referendum, the MCC Exchange changed the dividend USDT to PPT. Now the relevant matters are announced as follows:
1. The MCC Exchange stopped service at 18:00 Singapore time on November 24, 2018, and upgraded the system. It is expected that the formal operation of the MCC Exchange will start PPT dividend at 0:00 on November 25.
2. MCC exchange trading pairs are adjusted to PPT valuation. K-line of PPT trading pairs needs to be regenerated.
3. Major breakthroughs have been made in MCC public chain technology. It is expected that from January 1, 2019, MCC public chain will start a key hair chain and recruit global super nodes.
Friendly reminder:
1. PPT project owners will be rewarded with an annual bonus of 3%. A snapshot of the public-chain wallet will be taken every hour. The project owners will calculate the bonus according to the hour and distribute the bonus the next day. Holding a PPT dividend requires the holding time of money in the public Chain Wallet (MCC public chain, my block chain) to be greater than 1 hour to calculate the dividend, and not less than 1 hour to calculate. If a customer withdraws money to an exchange or other application scenario, the PTT held by the customer does not enjoy a dividend.
2. The PPT project has reached a consensus with 363 malls, interest schools, interest farms, interest pets, Fred art chain, chain circles and other projects. The above ecology adopts PPT dividends.
As a new generation of community consensus autonomous trading platform, MCC will firmly continue the green ecological model of public chains and exchanges. At the same time, we still have many shortcomings to be optimized. We accept the supervision and guidance of all users. Thank you for your understanding and support of MCC.
MCC community
November 23, 2018

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