MCC exchange announcements on opening OTC business API interface and C2C business recruitment

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Respected members of the MCC community:
Hello everyone! MCC Exchange opened the API interface of OTC business on November 17, 2018, Singapore time. In order to activate MCC ecology and increase MCC businesses, the MCC community operation team actively communicates with the project side and the tripartite payment platform. We hereby apply for a month's concessional operation time. The announcement is as follows:
1. The original MCC C2C commercial deposit 5W circulation version MCC, now within the concessionary period to 1W circulation version MCC, the original MCC commercial deposit amount can be applied for refund.
2. Tripartite Payment Platform ( is committed to building the first platform for overseas payment. Please support it. Considering the volatility of current international mainstream currencies, the platform only supports domestic commercial factoring stable currency PPT as the only stable Token for settlement.
3, the PPT project takes into account the interests of PPT merchants, specifically stipulates that the price is 0.997, and the selling price is 1.003. PPT merchants earn 6/1000 of the handling fee, and no business is allowed to break the rules.
4, the preferential time starts today, and automatically terminate after a month.
As a new generation of community consensus autonomous trading platform, MCC will firmly continue the green ecological model of public chains and exchanges. At the same time, we still have many shortcomings to be optimized. We accept the supervision and guidance of all users. Thank you for your understanding and support of MCC.

MCC community
November 17, 2018

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