Mortgage currency

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Online currency descokription and application
Due to the high risk of early projects, in order to protect the interests of investors, the MCC Exchange will evaluate the assets. The currency of all online transactions needs to meet the following conditions, including but not limited to:

  1. The principle of the on-chip review of the GEM is more to draw on the idea of the registration system: not to judge the value of the project (whether its value reaches the condition of the currency, whether the market value is reasonable), but emphasize the requirements for transparency and disclosure (publicity as much as possible) More information, including basic information, latest progress information, etc.).
  2. Strong team or community maintenance
  3. Projects with actual technical support or practical applications
  4. The project has no policy risk and meets professional and compliance requirements.
  5. Real and timely disclosure of project information including project white paper, regular development and progress report
  6. We will provide a report lioknk in a prominent position on the GEM. Once the project has been reported and initially confirmed, the process of suspending the currency or suspending the transaction will be suspended immediately, and the transaction will be suspended or delisted.
  7. Mortgage MCC: The project party needs to mortgage 10 million MCC for 1 month, and return the mortgage MCC to the payment account after one month. If the price of the local currency breaks the price within one month, only 9 million MCC will be returned.
  8. Other requirements of the trading platform regarding online currency trading
    Note: For mortgage MCC rules, the mortgage can use the frozen MCC or the MCC that has been thawed. It does not support the two MCC hybrid payments. The mortgaged MCC does not enjoy the thaw and platform dividend during the mortgage period.
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