About US

Mainstream code Limited is headquartered in the Virgin Islands (BVI) and its official website is www.m.cc.
Mcc is produced through the "transaction is mining" method, with a total amount of 5 billion, and will never be issued. 60% of them were dug by miners, and the remaining 40% were pre-released and frozen. The frozen part is also thawed on a daily basis as the miner mines. Each time the Mcc super node issues a side chain, the transfer flow annihilates 10%; the entire network annihilates a total of 99.49%, and the final remaining 21 million. Mcc pioneered the concept of a global chain exchange and will open 100 chain exchanges around the world in the future. The Mcc main chain will be used to address a range of needs for users to issue digital assets from the main chain to the financing of the listing.
At present, Mainstream Code Co., Ltd. has set up a branch office to increase the operation of MCC in North America.

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