MCC exchange mining calculation and dividend adjustment notice

Respected members of the MCC community:

Hello everyone! The MCC Exchange thanked the members of the community for their help during the formal mining period, and achieved good results in safe and stable operation. However, some unpleasant incidents occurred during the period, which damaged the common interests of MCC holders. In order to further protect the common rights and interests of investors and miners, after listening to the views of the majority of investors, we will adjust the period of mining, dividends and incentives as follows:

  1. Change the current mining calculation bonus from every hour snapshot, every two hours bonus, to every six hours snapshot, every six hours bonus;

  2. Intelligent mining cost principle calculates the average price = the total trading volume / total trading volume of six hours, and the system starts the mining protection mechanism under special circumstances.

  3. The snapshot time is 0:00, 6:00, 12:00 and 18:00 Singapore time, and the bonus distribution time is postponed by one hour.

4, the scheme was formally implemented at 12 pm Singapore time on September 19th.

MCC as a new generation of community consensus autonomous trading platform, will be firmly committed to the public chain and exchange green ecological model to continue to do! At the same time, we still have many shortcomings to optimize, we accept the supervision and guidance of all users, thank you for your understanding and support of MCC!

MCC community


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